MetroMedical Solutions is an expert in the medical billing field and we have the talent and the tools to get results.


We Speak The Language

The Medical insurance industry is becoming more complex every day. Massive paperwork and an endless stream of new forms and  codes, confront every physician's practice as they try to recover payment for their services. Our team of Certified Professional Coders understands the medical insurance language and uses this understanding to cut through denials and get claims quickly.


We Hire The Best

The MetroMedical Solutions team has over 30 years of experience in medical billing. We've worked on the insurance company side, so we understand the ins-and-outs of denials and delays. We've also worked on the physician practice side, so we appreciate the hardships that unpaid insurance claims create.


New codes, forms, processes? We are on top of it!

Medical billing and credentialing IS our business, and we stay on top of all industry developments and make the appropriate internal adjustments, to capitalize on change. Our ongoing internal training program also ensures that our team stays informed and up-to-date.


We Sweat the Details

Our Certified Professional Coders carefully review every claim looking for coding errors that may hold up payment ny aggressively pursuing these errors to ensure they are corrected.


We Don't Give Up

Our call center is specifically devoted to working and reworking denied or rejected claims. In fact, we follow up on every outstanding claim several times each month. Denied and rejected claims are taken seriously by our team so your practice can be reimbursed as quickly and efficiently as possible.